These are our most commonly asked questions. If you have others please contact us. Being well-informed about our teardrop campers will help you make the best decision when designing your own camper.

What is the cost of a camper?

You can request a quote by filling out this form.

Will my car be able to tow the unit?

We recommend first checking your vehicle manufacturer information to determine the towing capacity of your vehicle.  Then use our Comparison Chart located on the website to locate the size unit that will work best for your vehicle towing capacity.

What does a camper weigh?

Units begin at 720lbs.  The average weight of each size unit is listed on the Comparison Chart. Additional options and cargo will also add some weight to the unit.

What size mattress will fit the unit I am ordering?

A 4' x 8' unit needs a 46" x 75" mattress.  A 5' x 8' unit up to a 5' x 10' unit needs a short queen which is a 60" x 75" mattress.

Is shipping available?

Yes, many of our customers have their units shipped. The customer contracts with a shipping company to pick up and deliver the unit. These can be located through or we can give customers contact information of a company near us. Once an agreement is made between customer and shipping company, the company contacts us to set up a pickup date and time. When the unit is completed and paid in full, the Bill of Sale is signed by New Wave and customer and transferred electronically. All original documents (Bill of Sale, Manufacturer's Seal of Origin, Welcome Packet) are sent with the driver to show proof of purchase date and ownership in case they are needed. These are then given to the customer when the unit is delivered.